Accept and Detect Online Payments,
Transfer Funds Instantly

Accept Payments from Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, and Credit Card
Send Funds via API, at Scale

Accept payments

Tired of manually checking incoming payments?

Receive money today from bank transfers, direct debit and credit/debit cards with real-time notifications via API

Learn how companies cut 30% operational overhead and time with Xendit

Send money out

Sick of manually sending payouts to multiple bank accounts?

Instantly send any amount to any bank account automatically via API

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A payment gateway for Southeast Asia

A payment gateway that offers the most common methods of getting paid for both online and offline businesses. Start accepting payments at all the banks in Indonesia, without needing to open multiple accounts

With Xendit, you get realtime notifications when a customer pays using any payment methods. This means no more manual checks and wondering when your payments will arrive. World-class fraud detection for credit card payments

Accessible via 1-link, our interface or APIs

eCommerce checkout

Give your customers the payment options they want no matter what they buy. Use our link, UI or our APIs, all for free

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Collecting loans

Collect your repayments from borrowers using Virtual Accounts at the major banks so you know instantly when they’ve paid

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Top up game credits

Xendit supports your mobile game players to top up their credits in Indonesia so they can continue conquering the world

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Invoicing for your business

Create invoices that automatically detect payment and accept bank transfer, direct debit and cards, out of the box

Accessible on our dashboard, or via APIs

Collecting repayments

Whether you are a multifinance company collecting installments, or a mall collecting rent, instantly detect payments with our e-invoicing system

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Billing corporates

Set up virtual accounts that detect payments in real-time and manage corporate client billing in one dashboard

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One-off bank transfers

Allow your customers to pay remotely via bank transfer, upon which you can receive instant payment notifications and begin processing their order - all this, in a span of a few minutes

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Realtime disbursements via APIs

Everything businesses need to get their users or staff paid automatically and instantly across all the banks. Sending thousands of payments daily becomes a matter of a few clicks

You can even make transfers in the evening and during weekends. Xendit automates the process to remove human errors and the need for tokens. We also provide line-by-line reporting to smoothen your reconciliation process

Disbursements can be processed via APIs or Excel upload

Send Money Diagram

Disbursing loans

Instantly get funds disbursed to your borrowers in a reliable, automated way that scales as you grow

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Paying out merchants

Pay your merchants faster and automatically, based on your business logic. Remove the need for humans or tokens

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Upload one Excel file and get your staff paid across all the banks - it’s that easy!

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Built for developers

Everything is programmable. Our RESTful APIs and client libraries let you focus on building a great business. Xendit was built by developers, for developers

1 curl -X POST \
-u xnd_development_O46JfOtygef9kMNsK+ZPGT+ZZ9b3ooF4w3Dn+R1k+2fT/7GlCAN3jg==: \
-d external_id=' demo-1495515037877' \
-d payer_email='' \
-d description=' Trip to Bali' \
-d amount= 67000



You’re in good company. Join other businesses using Xendit to manage their payments in a way Indonesia has never seen before

Devan Singaram

CEO, TribeHired

Xendit provided us payments and flexibility no one else could. If they expand beyond Indonesia, we'll use them everywhere.

Haryanto Tanjo

CEO, Moka

Xendit has been helping us across merchant payouts and invoicing. Xendit definitely saves us time!

Wellson Lo

CEO, Stockbit

Xendit were the best product and deal for fintech. It's been a breeze!

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Seamless Awards 2017

Seamless Awards 2017: Best Asian B2B Payment Initiative

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018: The Best Payments Initiative, Application or Programme (Fintech)

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