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Since mid 2015 our team at Xendit has been focused on making our impact on the world by making the process of sending money as simple and user-friendly as possible. Our goal is to make payments easy, to friends, family or in business. We’ve spoken to people from every continent and from every walk of life, trying to understand how we can use our knowledge of payment technology infrastructure to build something that provides real value to our customers.

As a result of our learning, we are focused on building products for South East Asia and chosen Indonesia as our first market. A market with a fast growing e-commerce and online environment, Our team has united around a goal of simplifying something that should be more painless and user-friendly – sending money fully automated and in real-time! With innovations in security, payment technologies, and devices, we believe payment transactions can be done easily and secure. Receiving and sending money will never be as time cosuming as before. We free business transactions from tokens.

We are family: we laugh, we argue, we fight for the same goal: Just Xendit (send it) anywhere and anytime.

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Seamless Awards 2017

Seamless Awards 2017: Best Asian B2B Payment Initiative

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018: The Best Payments Initiative, Application or Programme (Fintech)

Meet our team

We’re made of the most fun and passionate folks we know who have joined forces from some of the most respected companies in the world


Woos new partners

5+ years in private equity including Mizuho. She is proving PE gals can be operators too and that there is bright big world beyond Excel


Fire starter

Previously worked in a tech giant, a bank and a startup. Ikhsan joined Xendit to light a fire in the growth’s butt. And also, putting fires out.



Joe did tech consulting working in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. He joined Xendit to build impactful products that can affect millions


Level 25 dev

Graduating from UC Berkeley Computer Science, startups in the Valley and now a YC Alum. Coding machine


Fun facts

  • One member of the team is the first member of his family to go to university
  • We all love karaoke, futsal and ping pong

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