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Protect your business from identity and credit risk. Ensure you only move real money for real people


Identify the real person behind each transaction

Payments and identity are fraught with risk. If you receive funds from a blacklisted source or send funds to the wrong person, the legal and operational impacts can be massive.

Xendit allows you to use a range of identifiers to validate the real person behind a transaction, so you can move money with confidence. Conduct identity checks or risk scores and put yourself at ease.

Built for automation

API-driven identity checks can be integrated into your existing KYC processes, allowing you to focus manual effort where it is most valuable.

Widest coverage

Xendit’s access to millions of payments across Indonesia is reinforced by strategic partnerships so we can provide you with data when you need it.

Multiple identifiers

Our proprietary identity model uses multiple identifiers, advanced linking algorithms and profiling so you can identify the real person behind each transaction.

Manage your payment risk with Xendit

Xendit has all the tools you need to manage payment risk in all its forms. Whether you’re sending or receiving money, our tools allow you to move money with confidence, block fraudulent activity and de-risk your business.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Xendit processes transactions for the largest companies in Indonesia, and our international partnerships give you access to billions of data points for the most accurate insight.

Tailored to the local market

We are 100% focused on giving you the best possible products for the Indonesian market. Our deep local expertise gives you signals that others simply don’t have access to.

Scalable to grow with you

As your business grows, our product can run alongside and grow with you. There’s no tiers to unlock and all features are available from day one. We are ready when you are.

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Seamless Awards 2017

Seamless Awards 2017: Best Asian B2B Payment Initiative

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018: The Best Payments Initiative, Application or Programme (Fintech)

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